Your team is suffering from a lack of team cohesion and accountability of actions (be they positive or negative).

While needing for a strong team sense of togetherness and remaining safe while involved in emergencies, the team has a challenging time admitting faults, holding others accountable and themselves responsible for actions that are damaging the team.

This lack of communication and accountability are causing many processes and mistakes to be repeated increasing cycle time of project deployment and completion. This slowing of the process is leading to loss of customers and lower customer satisfaction.

The team needs to communicate accountability and take responsibility as a unit for actions. Additionally, some of the younger members are in need of leadership development. By developing the leadership of the younger members, the team can ensure that it will be a productive and healthy organization for many more years.


The goals for this project include;

  1. Opening the lines of communication amongst all team members
  2. Opening the lines of communication between departments
  3. Preparing and enabling the members to speak openly and honestly about mistakes made while in action situations
  4. Giving the team and team members tools that can be used to deal effectively with and learn from conflict within the team
  5. Teach the team models and processes for problem solving and innovating new ideas
  6. Giving the leadership of the team the opportunity to see younger members in team situations so they can best determine who to promote and who needs greater attention.
  7. Minimize the “not my job” mentality within the department(s)
Value(s) of Team Development Program:

The value to your team will include;

  1. Increased team member morale
  2. Increased team member accountability
  3. Increased knowledge of best practices
  4. Increased acceptance to change within the organization
  5. Strengthened friendships within the organization
  6. Decreased stress within the department
  7. Reduced repetition of mistakes
  8. New methods of problem-solving and innovation
  9. Greater acceptance of fault and accountability of actions with department

Create-Learning will lead team building, accountability, and leadership based initiatives.

We will administer a team building pre-assessment and deliver a report of the pre-assessment to all the team members, fine tuning the facilitation and team development to match the areas that the team feels are needed in accordance to the pre-assessment.

We will facilitate and train the department on communication techniques that focus on listening for enhanced understanding as well as skills to motivate others to do great work.

We will facilitate and train the staff in effectively building a team using the “Team Dimension Cycle” highlighting the need for constant measurement of success and failure with the teams’ projects.

Additionally, we will facilitate all the team members in a discussion about sharing best practices and learned failures within the department.

The organization will leave the team building portion with an action plan on increasing communication, sharing best practices and learned failures.

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