team building for manufacturing Buffalo NY Mike Cardus
The photo is of a team of Screw Machinists from McGard innovative security products.
A co-facilitator (Brian Pettit), McGard’s Corporate Trainer (Ron Kaiser) and I recently had the pleasure of leading an 8-week team program for this manufacturing team. These men, Brian, Ron and I went through many stages of forming, storming, norming, performing and finally adjourning (at the end of our time together).
These programs focused on communication within and between shifts, creating a collaboration to share best practices, as well as building and increasing trust amongst the manufacturing team and their leadership.
From the first day, we started facilitating (with a DiSC profile) to the final day we had the pleasure of engaging each other in challenging discussions and finding innovative ways to serve this team.
I saw this team achieve and establish new goals and challenges for each other – beginning with basic experiential activities (ZOOM, Change up, etc..) to higher level team building activities (Cycle time, PVC network) we strived for constant improvements (kaizen) and open dialog, both were achieved.
The photo below is the Cycle Time puzzle the team completed in 43 seconds!!

Thank you; Todd, Joe, Jerry, Mike R., Dan, Rick, Gary, Ty, Mike W, Bob, Dominic, Nam, Darryl, Tom, Matt, Mike F, Ron, Don, Trish & Dennis for allowing us to serve such a great team!