Team Building program design for 120+ teachers. Program time 3 hours (note all the experiential design elements were NOT completed in the time frame).

Facilitation and team development

Participants will be facilitated through simulations and discussions focused on;

  • Appreciation of other departments and individuals to determine strengths of self and team members.
  • Use of tonal abilities and emotional intelligences when communicating to others
  • Effective steps when involved in collaborative projects within departments
  • Effective steps when involved in collaborative projects between departments 

Completing the program with action lists and items that the people and departments can use to begin to implement the learning and ideas gained from the program.

Tentative Learning Simulations & Discussions

  • Card sort with processing question of – When involved in a program like this in the past, what made your time successful and you gained value from the workshop?
  • Unified vision in teams with processing of 9 effective team dynamics
  • Goals for our time together

Choice talk & mastery

Re-Group card numbers

  • Change up – w/ focus on process and tonal abilities
  • Process question sheets

Get 20 – Fun!

Work Teams – What works at work?


Process question-When faced with challenges what creates success within your schools / teams? + Model of emotional hijacking & development of resonance

35 – What is one solution you can implement tomorrow to improve collaboration? (collaboration has already been defined earlier)


Experiential Assessment


Quick Survey with grouping questions of;

  • Hearts – What was your reaction to our time together?
  • Spades – What solutions did you see that can be repeated in the workplace?
  • Diamonds – What “real-world” similarities did you notice during our time together?
  • Clubs – What advice would you give to your students when they are involved in activities like we did today?


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