Team Building success story with Joy Kuebler of Joy Kuebler Landscape Architects.Team building and leadership expert michael cardus

I had to honor of facilitating this team of 6 talented people, and to receive some valuable feedback from Joy Kuebler the Founder and President of the company.

Below is the success story;

Was the team-building program enjoyable and do you now feel good about what was done?

Very much; Our event was a huge success, I wanted our small group to get to know each other and to better understand how to work with each other.

In addition we worked jointly on the strategic vision of the company in a new and dynamic way that allowed each person to participate rather than it be just my vision. 


What new ideas and knowledge did you gain from our time together?

Because we have a a new team, everything was new!


What effect did the program have on you, and the team?

I think the exercises you used were very helpful for the long term interactions. I have on many occasions since the event pulled from the experience when determining how to approach someone and how to pull together a strategy internally to get a deadline or project completed.


What changes resulted from our time together and how did those changes improve the effectiveness of the team and you as the leader?

Overall I heard very positive things about their experiences and that they felt valued through the workshop. I think we will see enormous results from this!

What part of this process that gave you the greatest value?

The entire event was very valuable.  As the owner, I was concerned with the thought of the new team on "gelling" or seeing the value of why each person is with us.  The best thing I got was to see them come together and work immediately as a team, as though they knew each other for much longer. 

The DISC was also greatly beneficial, not only in me understanding each person, but each person understanding the others as well. And the leap to applying this to client types was wonderful.

The strategic planning session was a huge leap for me personally.  Usually I write this and then "share", and this was an interesting way to have complete participation and to see that the team valued the strategic vision as well!


What areas could be improved in the team building program?

For our event, everything went smoothly and each section was very beneficial. I wouldn’t have changed any aspect of our event.


Final thought and anything else I should have asked?

Michael and the Create-Learning program was absolutely the right fit for our group!  My intention for the session was to allow our newly formed team to get up and running quickly, and to do that we needed to know each other in a more meaningful way in a short amount of time.  We also needed to know how to best work with each other and what we needed to do "great work" everyday as a team.  Michael’s exercises allowed us to not only get acquainted in a meaningful way, but also to reinforce the mission of the company while simultaneously strengthening our strategy for quality growth.  All while having a great time! 

Thank you Joy.

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team building and leadership expert michael cardus


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