What value are you giving to your organization?
We spend time thinking “What are they doing for me?” This thought creates resentment and a victim mentality within yourself. By acting like a victim you start to keep score, a typical response of a team member who keeps score is “I always have to load the paper in the copier, I am NOT going to load the paper anymore, this place cannot run without me!”

Once your team members slip into victim behavior production sinks

What is a team leader to do?
One could begin to illustrate the behaviors that the team ought to model. The leaders must ensure accountability, not just for the numbers and productivity, also for behaviors. If team member sinks into a Whats in it for me perspective, this is a culture that is created by the leadership.
This type of leadership culture indicates a high turnover and a severe lack of return on your team investment.Team members that are an accountable model a culture of self-directed team behavior.

Teams begin to ask, “what can I do for you” this mentality turns a team culture into people who have a purpose. Purpose in that they feel they are giving value to their customers and team.

Team members want to feel that they are making a difference, and their work is having an effect on their team and those whom they serve as employees.