“Teaming has replaced teams” this video is an excellent example of what is happening in many organizations. Where groups of people are brought together for a project cycle, asked to complete the task / goal that is established then return to their regular work.

Edmonson points to exactly what team-building is “Many groups no longer have the time to go off-line for team building activities.” TeamBuilding must now happen in real time with the work teams are tasked with.

YES! Team Building MUST happen in real-time using real team decisions and business at hand. This is exactly what works!

For this to happen leaders and teams must have a model that can be explored and utilized in Real-Time for the exact High Performance Teams that Edmonson mentions; Moving the team together, rapidly through Induction—> Trust—> Goals—> Accountability—> Effectiveness that leads to Getting things done + High Performance + Productivity and eventually to Achieving Completion of the Goal.

Team leaders and people on teams need to have new skills and knowledge to get things done in a shorter period of time.

I have a working model that does just that.

Creating & Sustaining High Performance Teams
  • a model that illustrates from Induction to Completion of people on teams and necessary areas of focus for success along each step.
Outcomes include;
  • Tools and techniques to create and lead resonant, high performance teams that produce profits and results.
  • Discover ways to increase retention of talent, decrease completion time of projects and tasks, and improve satisfaction with work and life, thereby making your organization, team, and you better and more profitable.
  • How to hone, utilize, and develop interpersonal and political skills that are needed for more than successful completion of projects and goals, leading to an increase in your value to the team and organization.
  • Skills and techniques to ensure resolution and commitment to each step.
  • A process and model that can be immediately applied to your team.
Here is how it works;

The team using the model works together to;

  • 1. Define a specific area of improvement using the Team Performance Model.
  • 2. Identify 2 to 3 solution steps that will impact the team and how to measure those solution steps to increase the effectiveness of the people plus production of the team members.
  • 3. Define & Determine the impact tangibly (profits, retention, new clients, acquisition, etc…) and intangibly (morale, engagement, satisfaction with work, felt-fairness of work, etc…) of the solution steps.
  • 4. Develop a plan + accountability + feedback loops for good / bad work to achieve the areas of improvement.
  • 5. Detail out measures of success along the plan line…and how to solve problems as they occur within the project plan.
  • 6. Leave the meeting with an actual action plan and a how-to process for team improvement.

Could your organization, team, leadership benefit from a process for developing and sustaining high performance teams? Teams that are effective and deliver exceptional results? Contact Mike…to make your team and leaders better.