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The noodles are pressed and people share information about themselves, their experience and learning about the team, the task, and the individual. This makes team building work – creating a shared context of language to open a dialog. Leading to life situations; leading to personal experiences; leading to shared context setting; leading to successes and continued learning.  

etymology of metaphor

1530s, from M.Fr. metaphore , from L. metaphora , from Gk. metaphora "a transfer," especially of the sense of one word to a different word, lit. "a carrying over," from metapherein "transfer, carry over," from meta- "over, across" (see meta- ) + pherein "to carry, bear" (see infer). Related: Metaphoric ; metaphorical ; metaphorically.

Team Building is built on metaphors. Transference of ideas that allow one activity to represent work, life, school, teams, families, etc…

And the power given to these metaphors can only be framed within our context of experience and knowledge.

When working with teams metaphors are the fuel that drives learning and results (that is a metaphor in and of itself) People have to begin somewhere. Find a shared metaphor and frame an experience around that.

What metaphors exist in your team? Which are implicit? Which are explicit? Is there a shared understanding and knowledge of what they mean? To the person? To the team? To to organization?


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