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Elliott Jaques in Executive Leadership points to 5 requisite qualities of Managerial Leaders.

  • 1. The necessary level of cognitive complexity to carry the level of task complexity of a specific managerial role.
  • 2. A strong enough sense of value for the managerial work and for the leadership of others.
  • 3. The appropriate knowledge plus experienced practice and skilled use of that knowledge.
  • 4. The necessary wisdom about people and things.
  • 5. The absence of abnormal temperamental or emotional characteristics that disrupt the ability to work with others.


I am going to interpret them below;

  • 1. The person has to be smart enough and able to do the work…Not every person is smart enough to handle complex plans, multiple projects, and complete goals independently.
  • 2. They have to want to be in charge, and find meaning in the work of being a manager…Not every person wants to be in charge, many people are happy with just doing their work and not having to deal with the responsibilities of managing people.
  • 3. The person has to have know the work and field that they are managing people in and have a record of using what they know about the work and field of work.
  • 4. Wisdom comes from maturing and experience. The person must be able to use their judgment about what people are like and how they will react. Using wisdom to know when, how to, and to whom to share information and directives.
  • 5.  They can’t be crazy – and known for violent mood swings of bi-polar status. We all know and understand the range of temperament that is normal. If this person is not in that range, they ought not to be a manager.    


In the comments, share stories of managers you have had the contain any / all of these requisite qualities. Or just share stories of managers you know that are missing these qualities.

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