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“The only thought that remains unchanged is the thought you do not think.”

mike cardus

Every time you pull up a memory, feeling, thought, idea it is impacted by your current situation, experience and self. You can never keep that thought as pure as it was when you experienced it the first time. Because you can never be the same person you were when you experienced it.

Your individual construct is built upon changing re-interpretations of thoughts and experiences. These reinterpretations YOU CONTROL, no-one else can occupy your brain space but you.

The great thing about that is if you can re-interpret past thought and experiences, You have the ability to impact future thought and experiences.

Meaning that the future thoughts that you have will only remain unchanged if you do not think them, yet if you do not think the thought it will never happen!

The act of thinking the thought changes the thought in turn creating the reality you experience!

Isn’t that great!

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