People join companies, and leave managers…
Be the reason people stay with your company

A Manager providing Coaching and Feedback is necessary for every manager’s day. The role of a manager is to add value to the decision-making and judgment of people. As people within workplaces, we all agree that Coaching is important – but the understanding and purpose of Why Coaching is important remains unclear to most.

Purposes Of Coaching;
  • Support people in seeing the full opportunities in their roles at work. They know and can learn from the full range of tasks and the complexity of completing these tasks inherent in their work. Plus, comprehend what they need to do to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • To assist in learning new Skilled Knowledge. For example, policies and procedures, LOPs, SOPs, technology, operation of machines, and planning processes.
  • To explain, explore and support the choice of behaviors and interactions within different work teams and projects.
  • To assist in developing Wisdom and, for example, building on experience in handling challenging situations and sharing stories of learned failures plus successes to wise in the company.
  • To smooth out any Behavior or Negative Temperament (-T) that may be deleterious to being effective with the work. Behavior that, if continued, will become dysfunctional at work is –T.
  • Coaching Does Not involve trying to change a person’s personality; that is NOT a manager’s concern. If there are major Temperament problems, then the manager should make time available for a person to seek professional off-site counseling if they so desire.

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