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In Leadership Coaching and when I am trying to work out solutions and success of my own, I use a scaling method learned from Solutions Focused Coaching.

The image above mixes some of my favorite tools (Points of You Cards, Solutions Focus, and a white board) to create action into the solutions that I need. Here is an overview of how it works;

  1. Develop an area of focus; a statement, sentence, process, something you want to find success with.
  2. Create the scale – using 0 – 10
  3. In reference to the area of focus, on the scale rank where you are right now
  4. List why you chose the current ranking; what is working? what are you doing? what interactions have been successful?; Keeping a focus on what is working
  5. In reference to the area of focus, on the scale rank where you would like to be in order to say that success has been achieved
  6. List what will be improved and different in tangible ways; what will you be doing more of, less of? how will interactions be? how will you know that you are at this level? If a close friend was to watch you what would they notice is different in you?
  7. Then complete the process with; What is the first action you can make?

It works amazingly well and can create metrics and small task steps to achieve awesomeness.

To learn and discuss how this method can make your team better; and managerial leadership accountable & capable Contact Mike.

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