Attention trainers, facilitators, speakers, consultants and people involved in providing services


If people want information they Google it – if they want to read and watch a 70 slide power point on time management it can be found on-line for free.

If they want to learn about communication they can buy one of the many books available.

STOP fooling yourself to think that your content is what make you unique it is YOU that provides value and makes you valuable.

People find value in;

  • Your knowledge
  • Experience
  • Personality
  • Ability to transfer learning into their organization
  • The trust they have that your service will improve their lives, leadership, families, employees, teams

    So instead of offering the same workbook you created in 1980 (when content had value) customize your materials to add value to their organization. By customization I mean that you change the content and make it applicable and special just for them. I have seen “customization” by other consultants and all that is customized is placing the companies name in the footer. This is not customization.

    Customization is examining how what you are providing is making that specific group better, going through the materials and how you will lead the program and learning about their unique people, culture, behaviors, actions, mission, language and creating new content that is specifically for the group you are providing value too.