1. Define what the team is supposed to do
  2. Determine what is already working well with the team
  3. Gain quick and small wins to show progress to the team
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 again.

Doing : Working : Winning. Question Chart


What are we doing?
What’s working?
What are we doing well?
Quick successes / wins
How will we capture them?


  • Tangible work goals, described as moving towards and achieving something.
  • Once we achieve these goals what will that look like? What will our work look like? What will be different? How will our customers know?
  • Who is doing what by when?
  • What are we good at?
  • Looking at our work so far (or in the past) what are we great at?
  • If we asked our best customers what would they say we are great at?
  • If someone who did not know us walked into the room and saw us working what would they notice?
  • Specifically who is good at doing what?
  • What is the smallest step towards the tangible work goals we can take right now?
  • Individually what can you move forward in the next week?
  • Last week we completed X, Y, Z…what was effective at getting that done? How can we continue that momentum into this week?

What do you think?

How can you apply the 3 or 4 steps to your team and work?

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