As a Manager of Managers how do you gather information about their effectiveness in a way that is accurate?

In an earlier post 7 Ways Managers Can Evaluate Effectiveness of Other Managers We explored 7 key processes and systems that all managers must do. In this post we will explore sources to gather information about manager subordinate effectiveness.

Gathering sufficient information for Managers to evaluate the effectiveness of subordinate managers is possible. One source is three-level face to face meetings, i.e. Executive VP meets with a Director and 3 Program Coordinators – 3 levels of the organization meeting to discuss Goals and planning. In this example the Executive VP is looking for how effectively the Director is managing their staff. What the Executive VP is looking for, in addition to the meeting outcomes, is;

  1. Are there signs of good morale in the organization, of initiative, of working to overcome problems, of work being completed on time, of consistent good quality work that matches and exceeds standards, of good customer feedback?
  2. Is there an absence of grievances coming up?
  3. Do the manager’s immediate subordinates work well together in peer-based, equal-level work based relationships?
  4. Are the team leaders and project tasks operating effectively, so that work flows smoothly inside and between departments within the organization?

A final area that is difficult to address is whether a managerial subordinate is effectively using their own subordinate staff. It is very common that a manager would seek allocation of more staff, while failing to utilize the staff they have fully and failing to give the necessary coaching to enable them to do more.

This is best explored in the review of what the staff are actually being engaged in doing with a review of the Key Responsibility Areas of the monthly performance appraisals. It also should arise indirectly in the mentoring of the Subordinate Once Removed, i.e. Executive VP is mentoring the Program Coordinators. When the mentee appropriately shares that they are not being utilized fully and have a desire for more development.

What do you think? I know this sounds like work and each of the questions and steps in this post and the earlier post will ensure that YOUR WORK as a manager is easier and improved. Because you are accountable for the work of your subordinates.

To make this happen within your team and self Contact Mike, together we will make your company money, retain top talent, and make your job easier while making you more successful.

*Questions are found in Elliot Jaques (1998) Requisite Organization page pair 114

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