As a Manager of Managers, how do you gather information about their effectiveness in an accurate way?

In a previous post, “7 Ways Managers Can Evaluate Effectiveness of Other Managers,” we discussed seven crucial processes and systems that all managers must follow. This post will outline four steps that can be taken to gather information about manager performance.

  1. Conduct three-level face-to-face meetings: Schedule a meeting between the Executive VP, a Director, and three Program Coordinators – three levels of the organization meeting to discuss Goals and planning. The Executive VP should assess how effectively the Director manages their staff, including signs of good morale, initiative, problem-solving skills, on-time delivery of work, consistently high-quality work, good customer feedback, and an absence of grievances.
  2. Monitor peer-based work relationships: Check if the manager’s immediate team members work well together in peer-based, equal-level work-based relationships. This will help identify potential conflicts and collaboration issues between staff members.
  3. Assess team leaders and project tasks: Ensure that work flows smoothly inside and between departments within the organization by assessing team leaders’ and project tasks’ effectiveness.
  4. Review staff performance appraisals: Review the Key Responsibility Areas of the monthly performance appraisals to determine whether a manager effectively utilizes their staff. Mentoring the Team Member Once Removed can help determine if staff members are not being used fully and require more development.

By implementing these four steps, you can gather accurate information about manager effectiveness and improve your management skills. Remember, accountability for your team members’ work is an essential part of your role as a manager.