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Creating & Sustaining team performance is a tricky thing. When you feel that the team is Implementing moving towards High Performance, a crisis or shake-up can happen to the team, causing them to lose trust.

I find it interesting that the conditions that enable a team to succeed in a crisis can become dysfunctional during times of stability. Success does not automatically lead to more success. Instead, it creates conditions that require the team to re-define:

  • Why it exists
  • What skills are needed for the teamwork
  • Team Leadership
  • Team design
  • Team norms

The team’s previous good work created the need for it to change its approach & work style.

When this happens to look at these 5 challenges for teams to create & sustain team performance may be helpful.

5 challenges creating & sustaining team performance
  1. Leadership ChallengeStrong directive leadership frequently is required in a crisis. Once stability is achieved, a more cooperative style is useful.
  2. Redefining the Team TaskA crisis demands action & provides clear direction for that action. In stability, the tasks of the management team are ambiguous.
  3. Changes in Team CompositionDifferent circumstances require different skilled-knowledge & capacities.
  4. Changes in Team NormsTeam norms that develop during a crisis are likely to be dysfunctional during periods of stability.
  5. Team LeadershipLeading a management team requires that several tensions are managed continuously. This use of wisdom & tools is very different with a crisis team vs. a stable team.