Defining a teams purpose will increase trust and commitment to the work

A team can be effective only if the teams purpose is important to the organization. When a team’s purpose isn’t important, the team members have little commitment.

In almost all of the Team Building workshops and talks I give three themes emerge: Trust, Commitment, Accountability.

Those three themes can be developed by orientating the team and each of the team members to know why this team is together, and why each person is on this team. Developing shared knowledge of the larger team goal and its purpose.

Goals are ‘what-by-when’ in Defining a Team’s Purpose

1. What is the team’s purpose?

2. What specific task(s) is the team established to accomplish?

3. For each task:

  • Quantity – How much is to be accomplished?
  • Quality – How well is it to be accomplished?
  • Time Frame – How long do you have to accomplish this task?
  • Resources – What resources do you have to accomplish this task?
  • Judgment – Can you accomplish the task within this time frame and with these resources?
  • Managerial-Judgment – Does this task warrant the resources required by the team?

4. Who are the members of the team?

5. Does each team member understand what the team is to work on?

6. How does each team member contribute to the team’s task?

What do you think?

Choose a current team project, can you answer all the above questions?

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