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Part of Leadership Process & Leadership Coaching is focusing on accountabilities. Accountabilities of people, teams and of me as the facilitator. These accountabilities are in-line with Goal Setting, time frames and learning agendas.

By breaking these accountabilities in Micro-Decisions based upon a Macro-Learning agenda success is found! Develop an accountability plan and use a method that is known and agreeable to your team and yourself.

This way people know what they are being accountable for as well as a shared understanding of meaning and great work.

Allow for some personal and team autonomy when making the action plans. Reading Dan Pink’s book Drive. I like his breakdown of different people requiring autonomy in different areas. Some examples are;

  • Task
  • Time
  • Technique
  • Talents


Here is a table that works for setting goals for accountability (individual or team or organizational)







Feedback & Evaluation

1- Goal #1 1.1 – First strategy to reach goal #1 1.1.1 – First objective to reach while implementing strategy #1.1 Who’s going to accomplish that objective? When the implementer is going to accomplish that objective What system for communication and feedback will be utilized for completion of objective


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