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Step 4 in building high performance teams is Accountability; accountability to the “how work gets done” accountability of the people on team, the team itself, and the organization to the team. Breeding a commitment to accomplishing the goals/tasks.

This can only happen if  step 3 is resolved Setting Goals-knowing the goals and accountabilities before the project team is established.  Understanding of the goals and objectives is what the team leader uses to create the roles and tasks of the project team.

Which can only happen when step 2 Establish Trust is resolved; which can only happen when step 1 Induction is resolved.

At the Accountability phase of Building High Performance Teams the discussion shift from learning about;

  • Step 1 why am I here; what can I add; why are you here; what can you add?
  • Step 2 who are you; in the past how have we worked together; what is the organizational folklore about you; can I do my best work with these people?
  • Step 3 what is the work; how am I evaluated; what is QQT/R; how will I access the necessary resources; my goal is x, your goal is y, the team goal is z-does do others know the connection & I see how my piece fits?

to Accountable Commitment discussion of;

  • How will the work get done?
  • What roles are each of the team members fulfilling?
  • What happens if deadlines are not met?
  • Agreed upon methods for making decisions; and in what cases the team leader make the decisions with / without input from the team.
  • With the resources from Step 2, is there support in accessibility and a method for utilization.

Once these items are clear and distinct and the team knows that each person is;

  • there for a reason (Step 1 Induction)
  • can be trusted (Step 2 Established Trust)
  • knows and is capable of accomplishing shared goals and individual tasks within the goal structure (Step 3 Setting Goals)
  • is accountable to how the work gets done (Step 4 Accountability) 

can the team shift from developing the team to maintaining the team.

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