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Another example of how Trust Falls are the antithesis of Trust.

Once I am forced (as in a trust fall) into a trust situation choice is removed and one of two behaviors surface a. Get Revenge b. act like a victim. Then I blame the person who I had to catch for removing my choice —> making me dis-trust and hate that person more.

If you want to build trust within your team;

    • Trust others
    • Be trustworthy
    • Get your work done in the time frame you said you can accomplish the work
    • Respect other people as people
    • When you make a mistake take ownership of the mistake apologize and find a solution
    • Share the credit for projects and ideas when people work with you on these projects
    • Exercise competence in what you are doing
    • If you DON’T know how to accomplish OR the task is unclear DON’T fake it – instead ask for help
    • Let others help you with projects and tasks

Returning to an Aristotelian view of friendship (which is based in trust) & Team Members Should Be Friends;

    • They must enjoy one another’s company.
    • They must be useful to one another.
    • They must share a common commitment to the good.

Ultimately trust comes from YOU-you can cannot force others to be trustworthy and to trust you…What you can do is respect others and your own personhood this is accomplished by

“making myself an effective team member, one who is dedicated to being a team member as opposed to making myself desirable for membership within the team.”

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