Leadership Coaching with Mike Cardus

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Leadership coaching helps you be a better leader

Why does it matter?

You need access to resources to advance goals and performance standards. Mike develops a personalized leadership development plan with you, including a process that moves you from guessing how to succeed to a process that shows your success through your effort and skilled-knowledge.

Leadership skills are one of the areas that can be enhanced.

Outcomes from my leadership coaching work:
The leader receiving coaching made progress in the following:
  • Increase from 23% to 78% responding favorably to “ability to listen and add value to my work.”
  • Increase from 76% to 88% responding positively to “ability to delegate tasks in a manner that is useful and appropriate to my work.”
  • Increase from 18% to 63% responding positively to “supports an environment that allows innovation and progress.”
The leader receiving coaching achieved identified goals and objectives:
  • 92% of the goals they set themselves within one year
  • 86% of the goals set by their manager within six months

What will we do?

You will work one-on-one with Mike to improve your leadership. These meetings start with identifying what goals you need to achieve and what goals others feel you need to reach. Then, we identify your leadership needs, opportunities, improvements, strengths, and what is already working well enough in your current role. Mike and you create a process built upon daily habits of increasing what is working and decreasing what is not working to achieve your goals.

How will you make progress?

Mike will work 1 on 1 with you over 8 – 10 months. Research shows that coaching and feedback is one of the best and quickest ways to move a company to understand and achieve its capacity.

This process will consist of the following. You will complete a Leadership Multi-Rater Assessment of Personality – 360-leadership assessment; this process offers:

  1. Feedback from those you interact with regularly.
  2. You are provided with clear findings, including your strengths and areas for improvement in a concise report. This supports a data-informed discussion to reinforce your strengths and ameliorate your weaknesses while working together to identify ways to boost impact within your organization.
What makes this leadership development coaching different?
  1. Leaders are hungry for honest, direct, intelligent, actionable feedback. This process shares narrative examples of how your leadership is useful and not useful.
  2. The use of daily narratives provides the detailed examples you need to change and enhance your behaviors to support progress and achieve your goals and the organization’s goals.
  3. People think in words, narratives, and stories, especially around complex intrapersonal and interpersonal issues. Our 360 Reports are clear English descriptions that emulate a coaching conversation.
  4. One client described it as first a story about you by you and second a longer story about you by others.
LeadershipPulse: Raise Accountability, Measure Progress

Included with the Leadership Coaching is a follow-up feedback process called LeadershipPulse. Following the 360-leadership assessment and the conversation with Mike, you will develop a leadership development plan. Part of this plan will be identifying areas and leadership behaviors that you wish to change or improve. A LeadershipPulse feedback assessment will be sent to a select group of people to provide you with feedback on your progress and regress in making this change.

Do you know your leadership strengths & weaknesses?  Leadership Coaching
  1. The 90-minute meeting between you and Mike to prepare for the Leadership Coaching process.
  2. 360-leadership assessment sent to between 10 to 18 people who interact and work with you; each person will take about 25 to 30 minutes to complete the 360-leadership assessment
  3. 2-hour meeting to review your 360-leadership assessment
  4. 60 to 90-minute meeting to develop for Leadership Behavior Plan and create an accountability process.
  5. A daily check-in with Mike to quickly discuss and review your Leadership Behavior Plan and accountability process.
  6. Weekly, Monthly, and as-needed coaching and support meetings over 8 – 10 months
  7. The 360-LeadershipPulse will be sent to a select group of people to provide feedback at 8-months following the development of your Leadership Behavior Plan.