6 Truths about leadership

“… why does a subject need a Master to assume their freedom? Does such an assumption amount to the kind of pragmatic paradox wherein the very form (a Master gives me freedom) undermines the content (my freedom)? Should we not rather follow the well-known motto of all emancipatory movements: freedom cannot be handed down to us … Continued

Leadership Coaching questions to the manager

Leadership coaching can have many areas of focus. I feel a significant focus ought to be what the coachee’s direct manager wants to see different and how the manager will know that these differences have happened. You may choose not to involve the coachee’s immediate manager in the coaching; I think that is a waste … Continued

Utopian or idealized planning in organizations does not work

Image Credit “If a terrible simplificateur is someone who sees no problem where there is one, his philosophical antipode is the utopian who see a solution where there is none… [Upotian] extremism is solving human problems seems to occur most frequently as a result of the belief that one has found (or even can find) the ultimate, … Continued

Framework for Change

“I do not believe that change needs a robust and compelling vision because I do not think that most change efforts have an idea of the endpoint or view until they get there. Also, when you have that clarity of vision it is no longer a change effort it is a project to accomplish someone’s … Continued

Core Values are wasted opportunities

Core Values of an organization – Are all the meetings, time, flip-chart paper, and boredom worth it? When I began a recent contract, Human Resources told me, “We have no core values, and that is what is tearing this company apart.” After holding 40+ one on one interviews and sitting through 55+ hours of meetings, … Continued

Are leaders motivation different than others?

Are leaders motivations different than others? No, they are not. The term ‘leader’ is just another way of saying a person who is helpful in a situation when you need help. I had this discussion, in Buffalo NY, with a series of workshops focused on leadership, above is a picture of the chalkboard at the … Continued

Psychological Safety is Team Building

The team leader is accountable for establishing comfort with the work and team members. They can establish this early by setting the following conditions for team members to feel comfort in the work and reciprocal helping relationship of the team.

Rumors Backstabbing and Gossip in the Workplace

Some teams and managers create environments where backstabbing, shit-talking, and gossiping are the norm.
They do this, with the best of intentions – and are guilty of hiding their eyes, ears and mouths from the reality they are seeing.
You can do something about it.

Experts offer alternatives They cannot make choices about values

Team Building and Leadership Expertise is a challenge to define and understand. It seems that everyone is a thought leader and that all the noise and ideas are equal and useful. I am guilty of pushing lots of noise out into the organization, team and leadership development field. While I try to ensure that what … Continued

4 ways managers remove joy and meaning from your work

Facilitating a Leader-as-Coach workshop, one of the managers asked, “What things might I be doing that are making people miserable and I am not aware?” What an interesting question! After some laughter, I shared these four ideas below. 4 ways managers remove joy and meaning from your work Dismiss your idea. “That is a bad … Continued