Innovation, Goal Setting, and Market Change – Business Weaknesses

Buffalo NY CEO’s are concerned about Innovation, Goal Setting and Assessment, plus Societal and Market Change. I recently attended the Buffalo Niagara Partnerships CEO’s Speak event. The talk shared survey data from 427 business leaders in all sectors; the Siena College Research Institute did the survey. An area of focus is the shifts or impacts … Continued

5 Counter-intuitive ways to move your stuck team

Using counterintuitive approaches to move your team when stuck. We all get stuck, stuck in a bad loop of repeating behavior, stuck in procrastination, stuck in a dysfunctional loop of team communication. Have you ever found that the solution that you offered seemed useful, and only made things worse? Much of what you feel is common … Continued

How do we make bad things in companies discussable?

Images from “Behind You” by Brian Coldrick Bad things happen within your team and company. Plus, the bad stuff hides when culturally and behaviorally being the bearer of bad news is punished or burdened with management hyperbole “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions.” Working with management teams the surprise or lack of knowledge about potential … Continued

Resilient Organizations Develop With Time

After spending a week in Vancouver BC Canada attending the Cynefin Retreat on organization design for emergence, I was moved to learn new ideas, leave some outdated concepts behind, and reinforce the progress that we are making together. This moved me to think – How can you create more resilience to ideas and innovation within … Continued

Innovation from personal mastery

At any given moment all of us, whether in work, personal relationships, or anywhere else in life, are Rote Copying, Surface Understanding, and Personally Mastering many things and many times at many levels.

Problem-solving when you do not know the root cause

In earlier posts, I shared some steps for identifying the problem using creative problem-solving, through exploring the current condition selecting a type of problem, Problem-solving is systematic, and organized into six stages: Identify the problem Select the type of problem Apply the analytical tools Define a specific problem Apply solutions tools Compile ideas and implement solutions … Continued

Innovation by understanding the current situation

In an earlier post, I shared some steps for identifying the problem using a creative problem solving or Leading Innovation process. This systemic process of problem-solving I often use to fight the desire of team and leaders to brainstorm. Brainstorming is usually carried out in a group situation, each member of the group suggesting ideas … Continued

Creative Problem Solving can innovation be patterned?

The need for Creative Problem Solving. Competitive demands require quicker, more effective and innovative problem-solving. Problem solvers are expected to quickly provide solutions to increasingly complex problems, develop and design new innovative products and processes – all while reducing research and development time and costs. To solve creative problems that require creative “out-of-the-box” thinking, we … Continued

Utopian or idealized planning in organizations does not work

Image Credit “If a terrible simplificateur is someone who sees no problem where there is one, his philosophical antipode is the utopian who see a solution where there is none… [Upotian] extremism is solving human problems seems to occur most frequently as a result of the belief that one has found (or even can find) the ultimate, … Continued

Framework for Change

“I do not believe that change needs a robust and compelling vision because I do not think that most change efforts have an idea of the endpoint or view until they get there. Also, when you have that clarity of vision it is no longer a change effort it is a project to accomplish someone’s … Continued