Note what sort of things the clients do that is good, useful, and effective. – Steve de Shazer

When perceiving a person, team, or organization 2 things become apparent:

  1. Your perception of good stuff what’s working well?
  2. Your perception of the bad stuff what’s not working well?

We’ve seen from the days of McGregor theory x and y that both are sides of the same coin.

Your perception will reinforce what you see -> how you react -> how others see you react -> how they perceive and react to you -> how you perceive them reacting to you -> reinforcing your initial perception.

Using these team building tools helps the leader and team identify what is good or useful:
Does that mean you ignore the stuff that’s bad, useless and ineffective?

No. When things are going well enough for the leader, team, organization, there is little need for intervention or assistance.

When a challenge is presented, a shared understanding of what will be better or solved when the problem is absent, we form an agreement on our current state of the person(s) and challenge we can look for clues of progress. Clues of progress will make us more aware of what is happening and how the environment is different when things are good useful and practical.