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Step 3 in building high performance teams is Clarifying goals. This can only happen if step 2 is resolved Establishing trust; which can only happen if step 1 is resolved by answering the question “Why am I here?”…

Trust happens before goals are clarified, not established. The team members and leadership know the goals and accountabilities before the project team is established.  Understanding of the goals and objectives is what the team leader uses to create the roles and tasks of the project team.

The what am I accountable for (tasks within the goal) happens when trust is established, by all the team members in reference to each other and the team leader.

The people on the team have to know who each other are and establish a relationship of reciprocity, competence, and mutual regard. Once these items are clear and distinct and the team knows that each person is;

  1. there for a reason (Step 1 Orientation)
  2. can be trusted (Step 2 Trust)
  3. knows and is capable of accomplishing shared goals and individual tasks within the goal structure (Step 3 Goal Clarification)


Trust must be established, prior to “who does what” and “who is accountable for what” Goal Clarification.



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