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This image above is from a workshop I lead called

3 Reasons Your Leadership Sucks…and how to improve it.

Presenting this workshop today made me realize that it is still relevant.

  • You (as an employee) are asked to do more.
  • You (as a leader) are asked to do more.
  • You (as a consumer) are asked to buy more.
  • You (as a person) may feel more anonymous amongst increased information and pressure.
  • You (as an employee) may feel and create greater separation of YOUR relevance to the work you do and those you serve and those who serve you.
  • You (as a person, employee, manager) may has lost how to track success and feel that it is subjective with no real impact or matter.


What can you do?

Below are 3 steps that are covered in this workshop, they seem obvious and the challenge is ARE YOU DOING THEM?  

Step 1) Who are you? Truly knowing the people on your team. Truly knowing who YOU are. Taking the time to discover their and your values, passions and motivations.
Step 2) Why are we doing this? Illustrate to yourself and the team whom they and you are serving and how the work helps the community and serve those other than themselves and management.
Step 3) How am I doing? Create immediately measurable goals and outputs of productivity, for the team and yourself.  

Great managerial leaders have excellent staff-
Excellent staff do excellent work- 
Excellent work keeps people returning-
Returning people keep staff employed-                                                  Employed staff deserve;

  • Mangers who know them;
  • Managers who can explain how what they do for work is relevant & aligned with their values;
  • A clear and distinct understanding of good and bad work, that is not based upon the moods and subjective impressions of management. 


Please share this model and ideas with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc… Take the time to know who is impacted by you and what relevance you have in their life.


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