team building and leadership expert michael cardusGenerally there are 12 types of team members that can become difficult. It is imperative that you 1. Try to figure out the team members behavior; 2. Look for cooperation and the positive side of the behavior and build on that; 3. Try the suggested ideas for ameliorating the negative sides of the behavior; 4. Treat the person as a competent adult due your full respect and attention.




12 Types of Difficult Team Members


The Power Monger: Always working to assume authority and take over the team. Constantly feels a need to take over the discussion and work.
(-) Focuses on self-promotion, thinks other people are the team are “lazy” “dumb” “less competent”.
(+) Wants success. This person really wants to succeed and be seen as successful.
  • Talk with the person about their behavior and the effects on the team. Pointing out that the need to “take control” can actually deter this persons desire to be successful. Sometimes speaking with this person and pointing out what is happening may assist them in being more mindful of their behavior.
  • Restate and clarify the goal. All teamwork returns back to the goal, when this person is assuming control STOP and with the team revisit the goal. See how the current team members are either attracting or repelling progress on the goal.
  • Return to Roles and Procedures for accomplishing the goal. Remind the team what their roles are and the procedures established for completing the goals of the team members within their roles.
  • Actively ask others for their contribution. YOU have to coordinate efforts, ask other people what their input is and their thoughts on the team task or goal. Others will act quiet or overwhelmed by this person, actively work to open dialog amongst other team members.
  • Recognize them for team-oriented contributions. When you see behavior and actions that are desired recognize those behaviors. Looking for active signs of cooperation will open the teams vision to more cooperation.


What do you think?

Have you had, or if you had ‘The Power Monger’ on your team what are some ways that you can keep them offering ideas and remaining engaged in the team process, without taking over!?

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