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We have all been there, even with High Performing Teams. One or more team members can be seen as disruptive and finds a need to either act-out or take over the team project…just making the team meeting unpleasant.

As team leaders and team members having some techniques and preparation of how to create a system that will ameliorate this will place the team back on the path toward success, while the team members feels respected and part of the team.

This is assuming you have already covered steps 1 – 4 of ‘7 Steps to High Performance Teams’, supplied to necessary meeting agenda, done all you can to facilitate resolution, AND that as a Team-Leader you have the competence and ability to handle the complexity of this team project.

Generally there are 12 types of team members that can become difficult. It is imperative that you 1. Try to figure out the team members behavior; 2. Look for cooperation and the positive side of the behavior and build on that; 3. Try the suggested ideas for ameliorating the negative sides of the behavior; 4. Treat the person as a competent adult due your full respect and attention. 

12 Types of Difficult Team Members
The Veteran: Seen and experienced it all.
(-) Change Resistant
(+) Has knowledge and experience that can be helpful
  • Ask for, accept and use their knowledge as a benefit for the team. Their knowledge and experience can be used to navigate challenges.
  • Summarize what they have shared, exactly as they shared it, then move on. Don’t linger on the idea or point for too long.
  • Delegate project tasks that allow them to contribute and serve as ‘Knowledge Expert’ in some capacity.
  • Ask for input from others with different experiences. Keep the discussions balanced, just because that have seen and experienced it all – does not mean that they are always correct.

What do you think?

Would you add or change any of the 12 types of difficult team members? Have you had, or if you had ‘The Veteran’ on your team what are some ways that you can keep them them engaged in the team project, and avoid them de-railing success?

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