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DiSC Team Building & Leadership simulations and activities can add application and understanding to your existing programs. There are many variations from conversational models to highly dynamic models. Contact Mike… to discuss how to increase the learning and utilization of your DiSC training program.

Below is one example of a DiSC Team Development activity other development options;
  • Using DiSC to create a shared language of team performance
  • Experiential DiSC: a series of hands-on activities used to understand DiSC in a team setting
  • and more…Contact Create-Learning to discuss how to make your DiSC team building and leadership program useful.

 DiSC Objective

  • DiSC Team Building Activity; Used to flex the C-Conscientiousness Preference.
  • For participants to experience a C–Conscientious type culture. In this activity, all people are asked to use their Conscientious behavior focusing on quality and accuracy. Getting things done right the first time.
Activity Objective:
  • Assemble 5 arrow heads with the resources provided.
  • DiSC profile
  • People have knowledge of the ‘C’ area of DiSC
  • Print out and laminate the arrowheads puzzle below
  • Once laminated cut the arrowheads out of the paper, then cut each arrowhead into the sizes show below.
  • You will need one arrowhead puzzle per/person

How to cut the arrowheads: Cut along the lines

teambuilding leadership organization development expert michael cardus


Keep each “set” separate. I usually store them in Ziploc bags.


Remind the entire team to think C-Conscientiousness

  • People strong in the C-Conscientiousness dimension have a low need for control and a low need for affiliation. As a result, they tend to have a preference for doing work themselves rather than taking charge or working closely with others. They are focused on quality and accuracy, making sure the task is done right the first time.

“Using the seven puzzle pieces supplied, simultaneously assemble five arrows. One arrow is already complete and provides a size template for the remaining arrows. Each of the four remaining arrows will be the same size as that one. When you are finished, you will be able to see all five arrows at the same time.”

I ask the participants to work separately, where they cannot see what each other is working on. You want to stress the C-Conscientiousness behavior of working alone and finding joy completing it right…no matter how long it takes.

When some people have figured it out, or you feel sufficient time has passed call the team back together.

DiSC Behaviors You’ll Notice

The Conscientiousness-C behaviors will be high;

  1. Conscientiousness C’s Low need for control – Low need for affiliation; Will be the earliest people to find a pattern in the initiative. C’s are the people who can map out challenge situations and processes mentally.
  2. They care about accuracy and high standards. Will keep feelings and emotions to themselves and think through what they are saying and doing before they communicate it out loud.
  3. Measure progress by being right, not just getting it done – getting it done right.
  4. Will ask the facilitator questions about guidelines not to work around them, they ask the questions to ensure that they are followed correctly.
  5. Will become upset when other groups violate rules and vary off the guidelines.

For more information about the other DiSC, behaviors go to your DiSC Profiles, Hire Mike or DiSC Box.

Learning and Reflection
Share the below image on a slide or handout with the team:

team building leadership executive coaching expert michael cardus

  1. When is C-Conscientiousness needed within our team?
  2. Looking at the activity, we just completed. On a scale of 0 – 10 with 0 being some comfort and 10 being total comfort; where were you on completing this activity to 100% accuracy in the time-frame supplied?
  3. Where would you place yourself, about what we just did, on the above chart?
  4. In what ways were you able to behave more Conscientious?
  5. What might be an example of our work that a high level of C-Conscientiousness is needed?
  6. How might we be more C-Conscientious today?





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