With the end of the year approaching, this week is a great to share some of my favorites of 2011. Here is the schedule it may change;

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 Favorite Team Building & Leadership Blog Articles 2011
  • In no particular order.

At first I thought I would do this based upon traffic and page hits, then I thought NOPE! These are my favorites, selfish yes. Although I am sure you will also enjoy them.

My personal favorite

When You Die, How will your leadership be remembered?

  • My father James Cardus died May 27, 2006…he was an educational leader for over 30 years. At his funeral I heard amazing stories about him, stories he never told me. What stood out about my fathers leadership was the small things he did for people.


5 Steps to Critical Thinking + Reflection in Team Development & Leadership

  • When you are presented with a claim, piece of evidence, a process, organizational system really anything that YOU as a manager and a person who makes decisions at work has to explore + think about and decide. Walk through these 5 steps;

Trust Attracting vs. Trust Repelling Workplaces

  • The workplace has the capacity to develop Attract or Repel Trust. Psychologically when aroused either mechanism in people readily takes over. They magnify and distort the reality that is separate from our perception and experience.

10 Sins of The Facilitator

  • We have all been guilty of one or more of these. Facilitation is a skill that takes knowledge, practice and patience.

9 Indicators That a Manager is NOT Able to Handle the Complexity of the Work

  • When faced with challenges that the manager cannot handle, they NEVER miraculously figure it out, they ALWAYS default back to their highest level of competence. If that level is not sufficient to handle the work, failure is the only option. What can be done about this?

They are not Stupid They Just Don’t Know, What you Know

  • Work and adulthood is about pretending you know things you know nothing about as well as the continual fear that one day your boss, subordinates, peers will find out that you are not as smart as you think you are.

Evidence | Unicorns | Bullshit: 3 Areas Of Team Building & Leadership Effectiveness

  • Within the team building and managerial leadership world there is so much information and Jargon Monoxide that everyone feels overwhelmed. The challenge is determining what works within organizations is complex. Beliefs, false ideas, reinforced negative theories of work, personal fallacies about competence, improper systems in place for promotions, onboarding and hiring.

Effective Leaders are Alike-They Know the Limit

  • How can it be that high performing AND low performing leaders have the similar personality traits and I see the similarities yet their subordinates see them differently?

10 Misconceptions About People At Work

  • We all have been hog-tied by pessimistic misconceptions of people at work. These misconceptions have arisen from the observation of how people behave, understandably, within badly flawed managerial leadership systems.

The Answers Are In The Box…STOP Looking Outside

  • The box is all that you can have access to and all that you know. to think outside of it is impossible, because YOU ARE THE BOX…and you can never think outside yourself.

“Sometimes I feel Like Team Building is Sweet Frosting on a Shit Cake”

  • If we are to really make your organization function and achieve high performance, we need more than window dressing, recreation and placing Fish stickers on the wall. Bromides of – team excellence, Good-to-Great, Management By Objectives, etc… That we have all heard and wondered, what the fuck does that mean? Get us no-where.