Finding what works to amplify

Often on Sunday, I am a little overwhelmed with the weekend, and the work week starts. While going through my plans I felt a bit stuck, do you ever think that way?

Testing the SOLVED Cards process and enjoying the tangible feeling of coaching questions cards, I pulled these 6 solution-focused questions. They helped me.

I wonder what might happen when you try the SOLVED process and respond to these 6 questions?

  • Describe what you want to have happen?
  • You are participating in an experiment and scientists are observing your effort. What would they write that illustrates you are making progress?
  • Where are you on a scale of 2 – 10, with 10 being you know exactly what to do, and 2 being the opposite?
  • What have you accomplished that makes you proud?
  • Choose one solution you have implemented and share what worked. What did the other person(s) do to assist this progress?
Decision and Direction
  • Thinking about what you shared, what has been useful for you?

Walking through the solution-focused coaching process usually reinforces what you have been doing, and supports progress to understand where you are, how you got there, what others did to help, and what a small step will be.

SOLVED solution-focused leadership is making progress – understanding where you are, how others helped, what a small step will be. 

It is interesting how simple this sounds, and how abnormal it feels to most. Many people want to dig into a problem and run through an exhaustive problem analysis, then get stuck in a blame cycle, leaving them depressed, anxious, angry with other people and no closer to progress. What is it that feeds this belief?

When you can illuminate the next step and describe what is happening in that action, your brain will move into a growth-mindset, and you will notice other people differently, this is what works in leadership.

Interested in the SOLVED Solution-Focused Coaching Process?