When exploring new ideas it is important to;

  1. Have a process that is known
  2. Start with positives + pluses to allow the idea a chance of survival.
  3. Give ideas there P.R.O.PS

Pluses, Positives

  • Start with what is good about the idea, finding the good stuff…


  • Building upon the pluses, taking the idea from birth to building a reinforced structure around the idea. The reinforcement phase is meant to further explore how the idea may be effective and have a positive impact.


  • Now you explore the problems and challenges with the idea. Once you have discussed the Positives, and created some Reinforcement…is the idea ready to face the Obstacles.
  • Acknowledgement of obstacles, can only happen once the positives have been explored.

Possible Solutions

  • NOW time to turn those obstacles into solution statements. Just leaving and stopping at the obstacles gets the idea no-where. For the obstacles a possible solution must also be explored.
  • Too often we stop at the obstacles and get mired into a inward spiraling doom loop of challenge. By creating possible solutions we break the doom loop and start to again see solutions.

Once the idea has had it’s P.R.O.PS can it be further decided upon as to whether or not to be instituted and used.

michael cardus is create-learning