Video of 3-days of design thinking, team building and leadership work with over 200 SUNY Buffalo State College students.

Growth Mindset and Taking Actions on Behavior Change:
  1. Students will reflect on current behaviors and gain feedback from others (extrospection) on which behaviors are helpful and hurtful to academic success.
  2. Students will articulate and develop a small action in their current behavior to create, eliminate, accept, and preserve.
  3. Students will understand a process to check-in daily on their desired behavior change, and how to identify what is working to amplify and what is not working to dampen.

Within the workshop, the main content was the Wheel of Change, and developing behaviors that lead to college success. With each group, they defined college-success based on the students’ views and context of how their loved ones and close friends will see them succeed in college.

To keep the students extrospective (being mindful of how others see them and changing behavior based on feedback) we led a series of experiential activities and continually connected the students in new and unique ways. As the groups worked together, talked, and applied the learning, we noticed that the effort and discussions became richer. Each student leader shared clear examples of how they and others will notice college success.

In the middle of the process, each student (in small teams and individually) wrote and shared a behavior for college success they will Create; Eliminate; Preserve; Accept. By placing the Wheel of Change – behavior change – in the middle of the workshop the participants are able to take earlier experiences and connect, while feeling the psychological safety that has formed, then they can use the rest of the time to think about the behaviors and identify what is working to amplify and what is not working to dampen.

You’ll also notice several team building activities that are useful with growth-mindset and behavior, these can be applied to most audiences and keep the learner central while experiencing behaviors.

growth mindset and behavior change with Mike Cardus