How can I learn? Organization Development Mike Cardus

Learning and making progress on meaningful work are the 2 easiest ways to increase creativity and retain talented people within your organization.

Consulting a healthcare organization, the management team and I developed a list of how anyone can develop a learning process within the organization.

How can people learn?
  • One-on-one – partnering and observing another executive, manager, or peer from the same or different department or organization.
  • Self-learning – motivation is the product of autonomy and mastery. When someone is self-learning, they are pursuing a topic of personal interest.
  • Find out who the person respects and admires, then connect them with that person.
  • Lead a special project team with people from multiple departments.
  • Integrate learning and development Key-Result-Area (KRA) into their work and job description.
  • Site visits to vendors and other organizations.
  • Lead an internal review of a project team and share an analysis of their successes and challenges.
  • Lead a project team where this person has little to no knowledge of achieving the team’s goal.
  • Share a short, interactive workshop on an area of interest that can apply to the organization.
  • Attend external courses offered at universities or community organizations.