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About two years ago, I created 12 online Team Building & Development sessions for a company. We called it ‘Helping Teams Work.’ It was meant to be short, less than 5 minutes, & give one concrete action step people can apply to their teams.

They liked it & I enjoyed trying to make content that did not require me to be present.

Below is the 10th of 12 ‘Helping Teams Work’ content sections.

  1. Biggest Team Leader Mistake
  2. Team Meetings Making them good enough to get work done
  3. Making team decisions through consensus
  4. Team Based Conflict Management Approaches
  5. Teamwork Through Consensus or Compromising
  6. When Team Members get Difficult
  7. My Team Has Problems
  8. Team Influence Strategies
  9. Is Your Data Persuasive?


Recognizing Resistance To Your Team Project or Team Work

Recognizing Resistance to Team Work or Team Goals

The success of your team goal and teamwork depends in good part on cooperation from the people on your team and people across the larger organization.

What do you do when you can’t get cooperation when people resist?

Let’s be clear: the best way to deal with resistance is to prevent it, which means planning (refer to the earlier videos and content). And not all resistance can be prevented, so when you encounter what you think is resistance, take this general approach:

  1. Learn to recognize whether what’s happening really is resistance or just you trying to sell a bad idea.
  2. Understand possible reasons why people would resist your team goal.
  3. Learn and apply steps to minimizing resistance (Video 12 – Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing With Resistance to Your Team Work).
Why Might People Not Cooperate With Your Team Work or Team Goal?

People may be uncooperative or resistant for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons might seem understandable to you, while others may strike you as unsupportive or even petty.

We recommend that you refrain from making value judgments about the reasons. Instead, you should try and discern the possible causes for resistance and deal with it as best you can.