About 2 years ago I created 12 on-line Team Building & Development sessions for a company. We called it ‘Helping Teams Work’. It was meant to be short, less than 5 minutes, & give 1 concrete action step people can apply to their work on teams…

They liked it & I enjoyed trying to make content that did not require me to be present.

Below is the 6th of 12 ‘Helping Teams Work’ content sections.

When Team Members get Difficult

How to Deal With Difficult  Team Members

Even on teams that are performing well, one or more members may become disruptive to the team’s progress…or just make being on the team an unpleasant experience.

As team leaders & team members having some techniques and preparation of how to create a system that will ameliorate this will place the team back on the path toward success, while the team member feels respected and part of the team.

This is assuming you have
  1. Reviewed the 7 Steps to High Performance Teams
  2. Supplied the necessary meeting agenda, done all you can to facilitate resolution, AND that as a Team-Leader you have the competence and ability to handle the complexity of this team project.
12 Types of Difficult Team Members