Did you ever wonder “How does one lead AWESOME team-building programs? The ones that ensure that content and learning take place. A teambuilding program that is fun, and teams leave better than when they arrived?”

Now you can find out.

In this 55 page E-book you will find applicable strategies, team-building activities, facilitation, de-briefing, and processing activities + theory that you can use immediately.

Content sections:

Theory Based Facilitation and Experiential Learning;

  • Providing a theoretical foundation to leading team-building programs. In this section you will learn – Ideas and practical applications of team-building, instructional design, and hands-on learning.

Question based facilitation and Experiential Learning

  • Over 10 different techniques for using questions for learning, and applying content to the team-building and experiential programs.
  • Many, many, many questions that will engage and allow the content learning and team-building to stick
  • Hand-outs that you can use immediately in your programs and meetings
  • Interactive learning activities that use questions to enhance your presentation, and team-development

Activity Based Facilitation and Experiential Learning

  • Learning by doing…making de-briefing and processing fun! If you are new or you are a seasoned veteran the activity based facilitation of team-building programs will make your programs better and you be the BEST facilitator possible.



To lead TeamBuilding programs where you are amazing, and people tell you this is the BEST Team Building Program they have ever attended.Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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