Team Building Facilitators lead activities that add value to the organization, team and person. This is established and created through purposeful processing and de-briefing of the activities. Allowing for functional tie-backs and applications to work, life, the community, etc…

If you are just playing games and not processing and de-briefing the activities then you are a recreation director.

In this video I supply an example of how to;

  • Front Load a Team Building Activitygive the people on the team an area for thought based upon earlier defined concepts and objectives.
  • Create a shared Metric for the teams current state – co-create with the team a number that creates a tangible shared understanding of the teams and individuals current skills; based upon the earlier defined concepts and objectives.
  • Develop a Connection from the Metric to the Team Building Activity – Transfer the shared metric into the activity you are about to facilitate.
  • Process the Team Building Activityfollowing the activity using the same processing activity used in the front-loading to now have the team and people Reflect, analyze the actions, and instill / internalize the learning from the activity.
  • Re-Evaluate the shared Metric for an improved state – the team and people, in reference to the earlier metric, measure performance based upon the activity.
  • Develop Action Items for use in the team – the team and people examining the metric for improvement and the team building activity, in reference to the first Measurement for the teams current state, set action plans.


How to process & de-brief team building activities. from michael cardus.


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