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9 Team-Building & Leadership Activities;That work and allow people to learn from the experience.

Table of Contents:

Team Building & Leadership Activities

  • About Michael Cardus 2
    About Create-Learning 3
    Descend-Sion 5
    Change-Up 8
    Ballooniture 11
    Bright / Blurry / Blind 15
    Bottle Tower 20
    Pass the Bottle 22
    Bottle-Up 25
    Mind Spin 27
    Social Network Un_Plugged 31

Awesomeness from Create-Learning

  • How to Lead Successful Team Building 36
  • Customized Creation of Team Building 37
    And Experiential Activities + Simulations;
    Yeah Mike does that.
  • Hire Create-Learning to facilitate 38
    Team Building & Leadership with Your
    Organization, team, leaders, self.

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