Leadership is full of questions, and often webinars are passive one-directional content shares.

Lindsey Zajac of Ahern Murphy and I teamed up to offer a live leadership question and answer webinar.

Lindsey and Mike Leadership Development Experts
Leadership Question and Answer with Lindsey and Mike
  • 2:40 — Lindsey shares what she is seeing in the workplace.
  • 6:35 — Mike shares what he is seeing in the workplace.
  • 11:00 — question – as a young leader what books do you recommend?
  • 14:30 — question – leaders tend to have bimodal views on decisions and directives, how do we as leaders develop more complexity thinking?
  • 23:00 — question – we have a team of young mainly technical staff, how can we encourage soft-skill development for a young technical focused staff?
  • 28:30 — question/comment — internal challenges of sales and technical staff creating camps or in groups, how do we create a more integrated culture?
  • 35:50 — mike goes off about “brilliant jerk syndrome” and how other people will rise up when you fire that person, and the damage that comes from keeping brilliant jerks.
  • 38:48 — question – my team is short-staffed, my manager expects full or overproduction, how do I work with my team and manager to figure this out?
  • 45:42 — Lindsey shares the importance of being the employee’s advocate as a manager, and how managers can advocate and improve employees’ perception of the organization.
  • 47:30 — question – we flattened the organization, and now people feel stuck and nowhere to go, how do we create career progression and development when we are flat and there aren’t many opportunities?
  • 56:40 — Lindsey shares the challenges of being a young woman within an organization, and promotion + systemic challenges. She shares how internal sponsors or mentors can help to pull people up and keep people engaged and within the workforce.
  • 58:00 — develop “island of sanity” to do great work and make a difference, when your small group makes a difference others will notice.
Mike Cardus and Lindsey Zajac talk about leadership development and improvements.