Process Summary:Decision making & problem solving within a time span for leadership training

Leadership team could benefit from increased trust and understanding perceptual awareness of themselves and others on the leadership team.

This increased trust will result in increased speed of decisions that impact employees, stakeholders and community partners. Additionally increased trust will result in a decrease of costs. Costs being in reference to lost time due to repeated processes and over-work of leadership team; Time delays in making decisions; Missteps and lack of requisite information to make the best decision at the time; Loss of decision implementation due to lack of accountability to team and unclear expectations.


Leaders will be able to reflect upon their own behaviors and adjust accordingly based upon what team they are a part of and whom they are leading. This will be centered upon skill(s) based development and co-creation of a shared structure for discussions at a leadership level.

Concluding this process with;

  • Shared process and structure for leadership team to make decisions and solve problems within a time span.
  • Skill in active listening and communication to peers, supervisors and direct reports.
  • Co-creation of decision making methods for Leadership team to utilize in real-time. Leadership team will make a decision that is applicable to the organization at the time of our meeting.
  • Co-creation of team problem solving for Leadership team to utilize in real-time. Leadership team will solve a problem, develop an action plan & plan the step to a solution that is applicable to the organization at the time of our meeting.

Process Methodology:

Facilitation of communication and trust building discussions with the leadership team, developing skills in effective listening & communication with the outcomes of;

  • · Leadership teams awareness of the teams and their own preferred style for communication and information sharing.
  • · List of what each leadership team member needs in order to accomplish great work and how the other team members may serve in that great work.
  • · List of what the leadership team, as a whole, needs to continue great work.
  • · Instructional design of content to establish a model for active listening and communication with peers, direct reports & supervisors.
  • · Focusing on the communication skills for decision making & problem solving, using real-time examples from the organization.

Mike will interview each leadership team member prior to the process. During these interviews the leadership team member and Mike will co-create areas for continued improvement based upon 360 feedback assessments.

Additionally Mike will interview 3-5 team members, once a month over a 4 month period that are impacted by the leader. Gathering data, and providing feedback to the leader for continued improvement.

Providing customized coaching and solutions focused feedback to the leader.

Skill based leadership content will be sent over a private invite only website for the Leadership Process Participants. People will receive content presentations and will post field assignments, share information and best practices, comment on each other’s progress, and serve as an organizational best practice leadership tool. The skill based leadership assignments will be discussed and as a group explored as to the transference into the leadership team.



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