To complete work the employee must have the appropriate resources. This does not mean that a manager needs to supply all the resources that employees desire, but it does mean that the manager should supply employees with sufficient resources. Resources can include materials, consultants, training, staff, etc.; without the proper resources frustration will occur and this frustration leads to disengaged employees.

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Lesa, the Loading Dock and Inadequate Resources creating Disengagement

The team at the loading dock loads 30 trailers with product per day for shipment. They are under tight timeframes and the trucks must leave the warehouse at specific times to get the product to customers. The team is also constantly striving to create a system that works with production to complete the orders and send them to the shipping dock with sufficient time to check, organize, and load.

The loading dock supervisor Lesa, is an experienced veteran who has consistently met the objective goals delegated by her manager. She understands the context of her work and the contextual needs of her employees—her department rates the highest on the employee engagement surveys every year.

She just received the following notice: “Due to budget cuts we are going to have remove three of the loading docks forklifts. We apologize for having to do this and we see no other options at this time.”

Lesa meets with the operations manager and asks him about this and how losing three forklifts will change her and her team’s goals both contextually and objectively. The operations manager says that it won’t change anything; he still expects 30 trucks loaded per day.

The loading dock team and Lesa are frustrated! Although Lesa has done all she can to keep her team engaged and productive, when the resources that are needed to complete the work are removed people quickly become disengaged.

Without the proper resources frustration will occur and this frustration leads to disengaged employees.

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