Above are the slides from a presentation I gave at the ASQ Buffalo Quality Conference.

Managing Complexity & Change

Quality Professionals are challenged by the need to deal with some of the most complex issues in the organization requiring decision making and problem solving, even at times when the future is unclear or uncertain. Many aspects have to be considered such as local and global regulations, changing resources, increasing or changing customer needs, vendor issues, overlapping systems with differing needs and priorities, as well as staff competencies and training needs.

Very few Quality Managers are trained to effectively handle managing change in times of organizational complexity. In order for the organization to thrive and last, long term plans must be made to address an often ambiguous future.

  • Understanding Information Complexity and Problem Complexity that will lead to greater success in achievement of long-term organizational quality goals and organizational innovations in services, processes and procedures;
  • Assess for others and self, the Current-Actual-Level of Information and Problem Complexity;
  • Increase quality completion of goals and task assignment, due to proper delegation in the proper way with the proper level of complexity and change;
  • Use specific tools and methods to coach and mentor others to flourish into their potential and increase their own ability to handle complexity and change as this creates a strong succession plan for ensuring the future of the organization.

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