good leadership is boundaries

In a workshop, I was approached by a new manager who said, “I am new to managing, and managing people is one of my weaknesses – what can I do?”  I shared that Managing People is Everyone’s Weakness …. and below are 8 ideas I shared for leadership.

Managing People is Everyone’s Weakness
There are a couple of basic boundaries:
  1. let people know the work that you expect from them
  2. give feedback … good when things meet expectations, bad when it does not
  3. don’t be a dick … be kind and use a kind tone when talking with people
  4. in a leadership role, people will dislike you for no reason … you have to be OK with that
  5. you need them, more than they need you
  6. every day do your best to offer value and support people to solve problems and have access to resources to do their work.
  7. a bad team member will outweigh 2.5 good team members. never be afraid to fire the underperformer or bad apple, in the long run, people will thank you, and the work will get easier
  8. over communicate what you know, do not know, and hope to find out from others