Here is an opening activity. The purpose is to understand the perceptual awareness, and that we all have beliefs about ourselves, others, and our organization. By having people go through this exercise then talking about how we are our blocks to communication and improved performance will create some “aha” moments.

 Step 1:

On one of your powerpoint slides or write on the whiteboard or flip chart paper write the following.


New Door

  • Rearrange the letters above to form one word
  • Each letter is used
  • Each letter is used only once
  • When you think you have the solution, keep it to yourself
 Step 2

Give the group about 5-8 minutes to work out the solution independently.

Once time is up – Ask for some guesses.

 Step 3

This is your facilitation discretion. Someone figures it out…If no-one can create one word two options are;

  1. Tell them the solution then talk about perception and areas of psychological inertia plus the application to the content being covered.
  2. Don’t tell them the solution and handle the ambiguity of the unknown with the group. Turn the discussion into “not-knowing” and how that affects the behaviors of the individual and the team.

Did you determine the one word?

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