TeamBuilding & Leadership. college orietation

I had the absolute pleasure of serving Albany Medical College, for the 2nd year in a row, facilitating New Student Orientation. Over 140 medical school students, college faculty and me at Birch Hill outside of Albany NY.

This year an entirely new orientation program has been developed.

TeamBuilding & Leadership. Albany NY - Medical College orientation


While I am still working out the marketing and details here is an overview, complete with photos of the students in action.

An interactive collaboration/competition scavenger hunt that ends with each group building a Trebuchet and launching projectiles created by the teams.

Here is the team break down; this can be customized and changed depending upon your group, objectives, and values.

Teams of 14 people per team in the following roles;
  • 3 people at head-quarters using a cell phone to communicate with the group. These people will have to decipher clues and communicate information.
  • 10 people out searching for whereabouts of trebuchet pieces & completing group challenges. Some group challenges intra-team based (done by the student team), several are inter-team based (teams had to locate another team and complete a challenge).
  • 1 person receiving calls from Head-Quarters and relaying information to the group that is out searching.

TeamBuilding & Leadership. Albany NY

Additionally the entire team answered content based questions about Albany  Medical College, Medical school (biological, anatomy, chemistry, pharmacology, etc…), stuff covered in earlier orientation programs, and each other…

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The entire group ends the scavenger hunt at the launch site, building the trebuchet – competing for distance and accuracy.

Video of Launch!

The time ended with processing and reflection based initiatives, both in their Trebuch-SAYIT!, mixed teams, and entire student body.

More photos can be seen hereā€¦

and below

Large group TeamBuilding

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