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Leaders, team members, people define greatness in their own self image. Therefore creating failure in all of the images that are not themselves. Forcing a either/or choice.

Either/or choices are for suckers…break it and allow for creative solutions.

Talking with leaders and coaching individuals this happens to all of us. For example asking a person how they would define a competent leader, they will define competencies based upon the competencies that they have. Of course this makes sense because you are a leader, and you got the that position based upon the competencies that you have!

Yet this is a challenge. Once you are promoted to a new position, the skills that got you there are no longer relevant. A new skill set with variant definitions and expectations is created. 

So this forces the leader to say “all employees must have x,y,z because I have those qualities and I have been successful.”  This creates a perception of all people who DONOT have x,y,z are not-successful. DANGER. DANGER

Creating behaviors and beliefs in your own self-image will only frustrate you as the leader, and people, who you are leading…making you an asshole.

Leading to micro-managing and causing a polarizing effect, pushing the talent and new ideas away from you.

For leaders to shift this perception they must listen to other people. Creating competencies that are required to complete the work, with feedback and input from the people who are working and people who have been in that position before. There will still be some made-in-your image (it is impossible to ever shake yourself) competencies, yet they will have a more objective view…

For leaders and people to complete great work they have to know what is expected, and be able to clearly understand with distinction how to get there. The leaders responsibility is to co-create and standardize the expectation building upon individuals roles, time frames and autonomy – NOT upon their self image.

Break the false paradigm of all x behavior is right —> all non x (~x) behavior is wrong.



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