fractured decision making and goals

We are not consistently moving towards a pre-determined end goal, like an arrow towards a target.

However we are goal-directed, in the sense that we operate from working and using our discretion, knowledge and desire to achieve some future state that can be imagined.

The experience of the future ( when / if the goal is achieved ) is an experience in the present of something lacking or missing, of something to happen or wanted, BUT mainly something to be worked for.

It is this conception in the present of something that has not happened or been realized, but can be realized involving our use of judgment, effort and discretion that allows us to understand what our abilities are and the many alternative ways that we can achieve our goals.

Whatever goals you establish for the year and beyond, determine what is to be worked for and what decisions and actions may support you.

No one else can do this for you, only you have the self-directed insight, skills, knowledge and level of complexity to determine what is to be worked for and the paths you can follow for achievement.


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