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team building & leadership expert michael cardus

I am in Toronto Canada attending Building a High-Performing Team with Solutions-Focus workshop…it has been a day of learning, asking questions, rumbling in my chair, holding back on my comments and wanting to re-frame everything into an organizational development method like; determining extant from written organizational system and asking what behaviors are coming from those systems. Plus an interesting argument (I would say discourse although that would be giving the conversation too much credit) on how your values drive commitment to work, that as you age and mature your values change so does your commitment to work and teams.

And I digress; Here are some inquiries that came from me at the workshop;

  • What is the longest time-span of task achievement you are assigned?
  • How will you know when this project is complete?
  • How would you like this project to end?
  • What is your managers impression of success in this project?
  • How might you determine what your manager is thinking about this project?
  • If you were to pass this project off to someone else what would you tell them was working well?
  • Pretend that you are observing your team, and they do not know you are there – what do you want to see them doing?
  • Pretend your team was observing you, and you do not know they are there – what do you think that want to see you doing?
  • If this problem goes away what will you do more of?




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