problems are the opening solutions are the destination

“…complaints are sort of like subway tokens. That is, they get the person through the gate but that does not determine which train he or she will take, nor does it determine which stop he or she will use to get off. Where the person wants to go is not predetermined by where they start out.” – Steve de Shazer ‘Words Were Originally Magic

I hear you and where do you want to end up?

We fool ourselves in the false-belief that if we can just know the problem and root-cause then the solution will appear.

Unfortunately knowing the problem only gets us in the door, and once we enter the room just knowing the problem our view will continually be backwards.

Where do you want to end up?
  • Knowing the problem as you do, what should be happening instead of the problem?
  • What will you be doing when this happens?
  • How will you recognize that you are approaching your end point?
  • What will others notice about you as you are approaching your end point?
  • Can you share a concrete example of what you want to see happen?


Where do you want to end up? What is your destination? Let me know.

michael cardus is create-learning

image by Tony Fischer Photography