So this week I felt the need to share something that I know is a challenge and we as professionals need to continually focus and strive towards mastery on. The use of clear and distinct language that is understood by those you are talking with, your peer group, and you…

The above video is from a Train-The-Trainer I lead with an Adventure Camp Staff. These staff members are in charge of the High Ropes Course, Low Ropes Course (Challenge Course) plus lead many TeamBuilding & Leadership programs throughout the summer.

In this video is an example of when we are challenged and scared (eyes closed, with your hand hovering over a loaded mouse trap) that clear and distinct language is needed. Language;

  • that has the right tone
  • with the right message
  • sent in the right manner
  • at the right time
  • from the right person
  • etc…

This applies to anyone in a leadership position…the words you use and how you use them are powerful and can pull people towards the goals and commitments of the organization OR repel them and confuse people…Here is the inquiry;

  • When you are at your most comfortable with a person or situation how do you know that they are comprehending what you are saying?
  • What is an example of when you knew clear & distinctly what was expected and how you would be evaluated? What caused that to happen?
  • Within your team…what feedback loops for comprehension of goals + task exist?
  • How can use you this video; in your professional life?
  • Metaphorically; have you ever had you hand snapped by the trap because the person who was explaining the goal/task gave unclear directions & expectations?
  • In what ways might you ensure that the language you are using is understood by the listener and you?